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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few pics around the yard ... feeding time

The dogs get a little dried pellets, just to see them through till dinner. Today they lucky to get a fresh bone each. Tomorrow if the weather permits we will have 3 dogs to bath in the hydrobath. and maybe Miss Daisy who has been playing with the backhoe and got oil on her fat tummy. Now that should be fun!!

One group of chooks are allowed to free range at a time, this morning it the silkies. Ginger and her chick could not wait to have a dust bath. It's nearly as big as her, just hope it 's not a little rooster.

Come on mum we hungry! Feeding time for the sheep, yep we back to feeding sheep bought stuff, pellets, lucerne and wheaten chaff and pony mix. And fresh lucerne bails . The grass is not growning fast enough ... we had a little rain on thursday. After breakfast they let out to graze on the lawn for a while. They easy to handle without the ram, just rattle a bucket of pellets and they come running.

This happens every morning as soon as Daisy's gate is opened, she heads off to the row of black bins, where all the feed is stored. While you getting feed for the sheep, she's into the buckets. It really is fresher than her bowl.
Now I am off to do dishes and hang the washing up
see ya


  1. Daisy looks like she doesn't need a bowl the bins will

  2. Thats funny, your sheep look great!

  3. You have many animal`s, beautiful picture`s