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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Special Treat for My Boy

The Monster Trucks are in town, what great excitement for any little boy amm and big boys. Thought I would treat my boy Cobi to a show. Everytime Grandma buys new shirts for the boys their always got bike or monster trucks on them and it was one of thoses sleevelees one he had on that day. We invited Jenny and her grandson Chase to join us, and set off for Taree about 150km away, booked into a Big Western Motel for the night... yes even a pool which the boys could not wait to swim in. The view was not bad either.

We head down to the show grounds and join all the other revheads there.Food and drink stalls everywhere, a line of kids waiting for a ride on the big trucks, a clown walking around with a bucket of water and a pump action water gun skwirting spectalors. It's hot and sticky all the shady spots were soon taken.

Hot dogs dipped in batter fried crisp then dipped in a little tomato sauce/ketchup and cup of hot chips were the order of the day. A pizza stall looked more inviting to me. Asking for anything healthier was out of the question.

Some of the trucks and bikes, with the Boys posing in front. But the smallest car with a Jet engine inside stole the show "Dangerous Dave" was happy to take a pic of the boys infront of his car.

Can you believe a little car can creat this display!

The evening ended with a fireworks display, something not seen in this small coastal town of Taree. Super awusome Grandma!!! ... maybe I just the bestest grandma out atm.

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  1. Wow, Your kids have a nice day today. And it seems a beautiful sunny day with you, here is still snow.