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Monday, January 25, 2010

The East Wing is under construction

Once it was home to Clyde, and 3 silky hens, Ginger and Fred lived with them. It was peaceful and everyone was happy. Then the hens started getting broody wanting to hear little pips from fluffy white chicks. So the hatch was finished just in time for the first chicks. The west wing soon had to be added as they got bigger. Lucky the two babies soon found new accommodation with Tipsiepixie from ALS, where they playing happy house with their own chicks now.

Sadly Old Fred died without a new suitable replacement for Little Ginger. Isabella (she's italian cause her mom's italian) come to live here cause she was very lonely by herself, she's a white leghorn and she lays big white eggs. Mom got 2 black austrolopes, Henny and Penny cause mom could not think of any better names for them. They lay nice brown eggs.

Harry and the Matildas, there's 2 of them, come to live too so we had to move out to the west wing, it,s a bit cramped there, but we coping so far. When Mom saw those big black orpingtons, she had to bring them home. Now Dads finally building the east wing, he should have it finished by next weekend. Causes there's 7 little black fluffy chicks that need their own space soon. Mom says no more chicks this year and that final.

P.S. Mom promised to show you a picture of our chook barn soon.

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