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Friday, January 22, 2010

What's on my crochet hook atm & opshop finds

Our local opshop is right next door to our bank, so normally I just pop in, check out the books section and have a walk through. I never buy new books anymore, they cost to much. At $3 a book here and they still as new ... what a bargain. Atm I reading Gold Dust by Kimberley Freeman.

Another time I found boxes of very long thick candles, must be wedding candle cause they two in a box, marked at $1.50. Needless to say I bought the lot, all 15 boxes, another find for the secret stash stockpiling box. They going to come in very handy.

Another find was a crochet blanket marked for a doggie blanket. I loved the pattern but was not crazy over the choose of colour, way to loud for me. The pattern was easy to work out and then armed with new wool and a crochet hook, a new project was started. I choose Carnival 8 ply in white and varigated brown/beige/dustypink very pretty! Nothing over the top.
It's slow going but that my project for this year. Just don't have the time
with working fulltime anymore.

But now housework calls and the animals need to be feed. Enjoy your Day. And so ...

Until nexttime



  1. Its a nice pattern. I like it.

  2. How nice to have that store next store.

  3. Your colours look so much better. I also like looking through op shops you can find some great things.