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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a one pot affair today, a little garlic bread to go and thats it!Love making paella cause it so easy to do and not a lot of dishes either.Add a little garlic bread and a toss salad and you got a meal fit for a spanish king. He might want a litle sangria to go with it.

So I am going to post the recipe in my blog if anyone is interested making some. There are variations and variations with seafood, chicken etc but I just use what I got, ah and a good squeese of lemon juice. Calamari rings and prawns would have been lovely but I did not have any, so I just chopped up chicken breast and added a small tin of smoked mussels for that seafood flavour. It turned out lovely. I just guess at amounts as I go.
2 chicken breasts diced (wings or drummettes are also great to use)
2 onions peeled and diced
A little olive oil to brown chicken and onions
a few bits of garlic sliced
I can't afford saffron so I use 1 tablespoon of tumeric
Add 2 1/2 mugs fulls of long grained rice
1 tin of 410 gr diced tomatoes
Chicken stock (I use an OXO block with a cup of hot water)
and 1 level tablespoon salt
Add another 1ltr of water (Stir)
Cook on a meduim heat until dryish
Add frozen peas and a few fresh tomatoes cut into 1/8
Add a huge squeese of lemon juice and a little bit more water, (stir) turn heat down to low and cover . I added the tin of smoked mussels at this point.
Simmer for another +-1/2 hr (stir)
Check seasoning add a little black pepper.
Until nexttime

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